Recently Read: The Night she Died

Have you ever met one of those “perfect” women? Evie has ethereal beauty that stuns everybody she meets, she has a devoted lover on her arm and a wealthy family complete with country estate and pool. To top it all off, she charms all with her French accent. Ooh la la.

So why does Evie throw herself off a cliff, the night of her wedding?

Best friend Rebecca is there to pick up the pieces for Evie’s distraught widower Richard in the aftermath. He’s driving himself insane trying to work out why his beloved wife killed herself immediately after they vowed to spend the rest of their lives together. Was she depressed? Was she secretly ill? Was she being blackmailed? Did she really die? With no body discovered in the sea, Richard longs for the answers and closure he deserves.

While Rebecca is also grieving for her friend, she actually knows more than she lets on. Through her narrative you learn that she actually knew of Evie’s plan all along. Yet she’s still unclear of the full story and where Evie – dead or alive – has ended up.

I truly enjoyed this story and with the knowledge that Rebecca knew why her best friend hurled herself off the cliff, and that she supported it, there’s the ever looming mystery of “why?” from beginning to end.

The chapters flick between the present and Evie’s past. Despite her suicide at the very beginning, you gradually learn more about Evie, from her privileged childhood through to the traumatic events of her teenage and university years. Even though her character should by all means be a spoilt upper class snob, Evie was actually a very kind hearted person who always saw the beauty in people. She even developed a passion for photography to express how she saw the world, which how she met best friend Rebecca, at university.

There’s so many unexpected revelations in the plot that you’re kept on your toes. There’s not just one plot twist, but a handful of shocking truths which you discover along the way.

I did manage to predict how the story would turn out, only because the last book I read had a similar surprise right at the end. Nonetheless, I felt for all the characters battling through their own emotional grey areas and searching for their own truth.




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